Bridles and Halters

Being jobless and out of school means I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not yet. But it’s fun to just make tack for hours on end.

I’ve been re-working my old bridles this week. I’ve got three of them, and they’re all pretty rough looking:

I decided to tackle the black one first. I made this in 2008, right before my second show. (NAN qualified with it too, hahaha) It was made from a Rio
Rondo kit:
BlackBridle_BeforeIt’s not horrible. Just really bulky. Most of the work was put into thinning down the leather straps and detailing. I did replace the crown piece with a split one though. The result…
BlackBridle_AfterIt fits Gem Twist nicely, though the throatlatch is a bit too tight:

BlackBridle_After3I’m really pleased with the end result. One down… two more to go! Bridles aside, my mule got a leather halter made this week:
LeatherHalter_Brown2The name plate was made from scraps of a Rio Rondo hardware sheet, clipped and filed to size.
LeatherHalter_Brown3I think I’ll keep this one for a bit. 🙂 I do have some stuff listed to ebay if anyone’s interested. I’m trying to stay on top of listing new things so check back often!


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