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Boots and a Saddle Stand

When it comes to tack and prop making, I’m very much a DIY kind of person. I like figuring things out on my own, but I do have my limits. Sometimes, it’s just easier to purchase something made by another hobbyist than try to learn the skills and buy the materials to make it myself.

So far my collection is small, but it’s growing.


Minus a western cinch. Also, I neeeed Jana’s boots in every color.

Not too long ago I added two more pieces to this collection, made by Rachel Fail.


First, a pair of blue sports medicine boots:


I love these boots. They look like the real thing, they aren’t bulky, they fit a variety of models AND are easy to use. That’s a really tricky combination! These are some of the nicest SMB I’ve seen for model horses.



I’m hoping to add more colors to my collection in the future! After all…


… or bell boots, or saddle pads, or halters or other miscellaneous horsey-related items.


Also added was a metal saddle stand.


Rachel has a tutorial written up on how to make these here. I wasn’t feeling ambitious enough to tackle that project and instead took to stalking keeping an eye on her Etsy page, hoping to snag one the next time they were available.


Like the boots, this looks just like the real thing. (the straps on the bottom were added by me since I wanted a little extra storage space)


I bet I can fit a few more things on there, haha

Plus, it folds up, which makes me happy.


Thank you Rachel for these new treasured pieces in my collection! More of her work can be seen here on her Facebook page or Etsy shop.

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A while back I purchased a pair of green bell boots for Phantom. (aka, the Show Jumping Warmblood/Cedric) Once I was able to, I ordered a green flybonnet to match:

FlyBonnet_JanaSSince I’ve been sewing a lot lately, I figured it was time to add piece number three to his set of tack, a quilted pad.


I’m not entirely happy with it (or my english tack/pads in general, ha) but for now it’s ok. I’m still experimenting with English saddle pads, and this one gave me a lot of trouble so I’m glad it’s just done. 😉


Here it is under saddle. (I re-stuffed the panels sometime last year so it’s not quite as flat as it was before…)



I’m hoping to make a bridle for him sometime in the future, and maybe another saddle.


But those are projects for another day! 🙂

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Marwari Halter

Here’s the newest piece to my small, (but growing) collection of tack by other tackmakers… a lovely Marwari halter:



This was made by Melissa Halvas/Arabesque – when she first posted these types of halters for sale I knew I wanted one for my Marwari. I’ve got a folder stuffed of reference pictures for these types of halters. I love how bright and colorful they are!




Thanks again, Melissa! For those curious, more of her work can be seen here:

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