Here’s my “gallery” of tack I’ve made over the years… the good, the bad, and the ugly! (we all start somewhere, right?) 🙂 I’ve split the pictures into separate pages to keep things organized. Thanks for having a look!

5 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. I don’t have patterns for saddles, but here are some links you can check out!
      Susan Bensema Young has a PDF guide on her site here: She has so much information on tack making and it includes a few patterns.
      Another option is Model Horse Tack School on Youtube: Links to her patterns can be found in the description box of her videos.
      Rio Rondo sells saddle/tack kits too, but they’re not available as downloadable files. I always recommend starting with a Rio Rondo kit if you’re interested in making a western saddle!


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