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April is over, so here are the last of my photos for the Shelter and Share photo challenge. I struggled with a lot of these but I still managed to take a photo every day!

Day 21: Let’s get wild! Animals

I’ve had this Pronghorn antelope for years, but he’s never shown up in my photos. I really like the Breyer animals, I just wish they were in scale with the horses. This guy is about the size of a Traditional horse if you’re curious.

Day 22: Other hobbies – what are you up to?

I play piano, but not very well because I’ve been slacking with practicing. 😅

Day 23: Netflix and chill

Day 24: Horse of a different color

This horse was painted for me as part of a custom Stablemate swap. I have a couple more from swaps like these… they were fun!

Day 25: Spring Scene

Decided to go with spring cleaning for this prompt, which includes dusting the ponies! A few weeks ago I completely rearranged my shelves, with the goal of trying to display my collection instead of cram everything in like usual. It was also a downsizing attempt, and whatever couldn’t fit back on the shelf had to go.

This could become a post in itself so I’ll just leave it at that for now. 😬

Day 26: Quarantine quandary – what else do you collect?

I really love cute coffee mugs, and while I don’t “collect” them I have a bunch of them. They are hard to resist!

Day 27: Favorite plastic model in your herd

The majority of my collection is plastic and I can’t choose a favorite! However, if I HAD to choose one, it would probably be Honey, who was a special run made for Model Horse Blab. I have mixed feelings about the forum nowadays, but I have lots of good memories of the time I used to spend on the site. Before social media took off, and before I got into blogging, Blab was my connection to the hobby.

Sooo Honey has a sort of sentimental meaning for me and it’s a weird one but hey.

Day 28: Pasture Pals

Summer is coming.

Day 29: Best Find

Not exactly a find, but I was in the right place at the right time to pick up these two. This is the reissued warehouse find Breyer released on their site several years ago. I was so happy to finally add them to my collection!

Day 30: Herd Hoard

The current micro herd… most of these are by Maggie, but I have a couple by Morgen Kilbourn in there too. 🙂

This was was really fun challenge to participate in! 🙂

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Last weekend BreyerWest was held during the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been looking forward to and preparing for this trip for months, so I’m a little sad that it’s over already. I spent a week in Colorado and really enjoyed my time there, but it’s good to be home.

The first day of BreyerWest, Friday, was the day of the live show. Since I wasn’t showing, I wandered around the expo instead. I did stop by the Breyer area to watch the show and get a look at the Breyerfest special run models:

A few more have been revealed since then and all of them are amazing! 😍

This expo was a lot bigger than the one in Oregon last year, and it took some time for me to figure out the layout of the place. A lot was going on at the same time. I did watch a couple clinics…

Or rather, admired the horses in the clinics.

I visited some horses in the stable areas…

…and found a couple Breyers, like this one.

Saturday afternoon there was a horse auction going on. The place was packed. I have never seen an auction before so I thought it was interesting to watch.

Saturday was also workshop day! I participated in two: Pastelling with Stephanie Blaylock and sculpting a head with Maggie Bennett.

What I really like about these workshops is that they provide an opportunity to try something new, or something you may never try on your own.

In Stephanie’s workshop, we used Pan Pastels to paint a Stablemate.

I’ve heard good things about these pastels and was excited to play around with them. My horse ended up chestnut-ish, and is far from perfect but I had fun painting him.

There’s a part of me that wants to try customizing, and I really liked this medium so we’ll see! I do have a couple unpainted critters around here I could practice on…

In Maggie’s workshop, we used Monster Clay to sculpt a horse head over a 3D printed horse skull.

I have never tried to sculpt anything horse-shaped before, so this was challenging, but I’m glad I decided to give it a try anyway. My attempt is rough and blobby and cartoony… in fact he looks a lot like the cartoony horses I draw. (weird how that happened!) At least he’s kind of shaped like a horse??

Monster Clay doesn’t dry out, so I can continue to work on him, or rip it all off and start over if I ever feel like it.

Thank you so much Stephanie and Maggie! Both workshops were great and I’m so happy I signed up for them! ❤️

The swap meet was held on Saturday night at the host hotel. I failed to get pictures of this again, but here’s a quick shot of my table. (a bunch of stuff had already sold at this point 😅)

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by!

I managed to do a little shopping too, and came home with two Breyer cats, another one of Maggie’s skulls, a Blobby Buddy made by Margaret Balch, and four of the Fairytale Friends micro minis. (they’re so sparkly I love them! ❤️)

For me, this was the end of BreyerWest. The next day I spent at the Denver zoo…

… then drove down to Colorado Springs to visit my grandma for a few days. I got to see the Garden of the Gods…

… and we took a short trip out to the Air Force Academy.

It was such a good week, and a much needed break from work. I’m really happy I was able to go again this year.

A HUGE thank you to Erin, Kat and Heather from Breyer, and everyone who volunteered! Thank you for making BreyerWest happen, it was a lot of fun!!

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I had forgotten about the free/bonus Stablemate in the Premier Club until I saw others appear on Instagram. Mine arrived earlier this week, so here are a few photos of him.

Charleston is a brand new mold sculpted by Laura Skillern Sailer.

He is such a cute horse!

Like previous PC stablemates, he is a mini-me of one of the releases. He shares the same pattern as Hamilton:

I’m not really a Stablemate collector, but I’ll enjoy this guy for a while longer. ❤️

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