Spring Fling Donation

Last weekend I finished up another blanket. (I’ve been in a blanket making mood lately, lol) This one is a donation piece to the Spring Fling Model Horse Show. This show is hosted by Bronwyn Ahyong of Infiniti Studios and will be held in Sydney this coming October. If you’re in Australia you should definitely check it out!

Anyway, photos..!

Icelandic Horse Blanket

Ever since seeing the Icelandic horses at BreyerWest/NW Horse Expo, I’ve been wanting to make a model sized version of the blankets they were wearing.

Today I finally made that happen.

This is based off a real fleece rug produced by Top Reiter. Mine is made of cotton, with ribbon for the flag’s stripes. I was originally going to use folded bias tape for the stripes, and had it nearly all ironed out when ribbon came to mind. Sigh! Always have to do things the hard way first, I guess!

Breyer’s Icelandic and Rhian can share blankets, hooray! His had to be cut further back to fit around all that hair though.

I added tongue buckles on this one too. These actually help keep the blanket in place, because even with the neck cut back the blanket still wants to slide backwards.

Normally I wouldn’t add a company logo but since this is a personal piece I went ahead this time. It is based on a real one, after all, and those little details can add so much! ❤

I’m glad this is finally out of my brain now. On to the next!

An ad for this flysheet kept appearing in my social media feeds. It comes in silver, white, and yellow ducks:

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential Mesh II Combo Neck

It made me laugh. So I created a small duck pattern, had it printed on cotton through Spoonflower, then used it for a model horse sized blanket:

It still makes me laugh.

The blanket is fully lined and closes with tongue buckles in the front. The hood has velcro closures.

I wasn’t going to add the shoulder gussets, but I’m glad I decided to go with them. These were made with a new method I’ve been thinking about for months, just never got around to trying! They look so much nicer than my older ones, and are easier for me to make too. (so now I have no excuse to leave them off, lol)

Without the hood:

Off the horse:

As much as I’d like to keep it, this blanket is listed as an auction on Model Horse Place. If you’re interested in bidding, please check it out here!