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Lethbridge Live

So… I really failed at getting pictures this weekend. This is partly because I brought my smaller camera (indoor lighting + shaky hands = blurry photos HOORAY) and partly because I was more focused on paying attention to classes and whatnot.

Oh, and that in person I’m reallllly shy/socially awkward. :]

BUT, I did get a few performance pictures!




Loved the sleigh!




Pretty saddle

Being around other hobbyists and being able to see dozens and dozens of gorgeous horses was both exciting and a bit overwhelming! I loved it though – the show was great and I had a lot of fun. 🙂 My little group of horses did really well too… most of them placed, and I got at least one ribbon in every color which makes the collector in me happy.


Of course I don’t have photos of my horses on the table. XD But I did get some now that I’m home.

Azul placed first in OF Mustangs, then went on to champ in the stock breed division:

LL12I was able to enter some horses in novice gender classes, where my Roxy (aka Shadow Dancer) took first in mares,

LL14Phantom took second in geldings,


and Alborozo took first in stallions, then overall reserve in gender, winning a lovely mare and foal set:

LL09I’m still excited about all that. XD

I did attempt to show performance again, and stuck with two classes. My arabian costume entry placed first:

LL11And my second entry in western games (pole bending) came in sixth (I need to re-work it, hahaha) but that is still LOADS better than my first attempt at performance showing!

All in all, I learned a lot and am SO glad I decided to make the trip up there. And with a drive that looks like this…



I’d gladly make the trip again! 🙂

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So far, July is proving to be a really busy month, at least when it comes to model horses.

First off, I’m going to Lethbridge Live in a couple weeks, up in Alberta. It’s been at least 7 years since I’ve been to a live show, so I’m definitely excited!

I’ve been busy trying to figure out who’s going and who has to stay home:


And because I’m short on bubblewrap and don’t want to go buy any, (I don’t want to deal with it at ALL, really) I’ve been sewing pony pouches.

PonyPouches3I don’t have a massive showstring so it’s not a huge undertaking, but I’m getting kind of tired of making them.


They’re really un-polished BUT they serve their purpose so yay!

PonyPouchesI’ve also been trying to plan out a couple of performance entries, as I’d like to give performance showing another try. I’ve been working on a gaming saddle lately…


…but I don’t know if I’ll have it ready in time, or if it’ll even be show-worthy once it’s finished. We’ll see! I am pleased with how it’s coming along so far though.


And last, but not least, today is Desktop Stables’ 6th Birthday!


Thanks to all of you who have been reading… whether it’s been for a week or for 6 years, it means a lot!

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