Pony Bridle

This weekend I finished a hunter bridle, made to fit the Cantering Welsh Pony. For a "tack maker" I really don't make that much tack. ๐Ÿ˜… I'm trying to correct this, but progress is slow. I think I'm getting better at bridles? I've started so many English bridles but this is the first I've finished … Continue reading Pony Bridle

Barcoo 2

I finished up a second Barcoo bridle recently: I actually finished it last weekend, but it took me an entire week to get photos. (it's just been one of those weeks, aghhh) This is an "extended head" style bridle. The reins are embroidery floss. They were created by sewing two 3 strand braids together, much … Continue reading Barcoo 2