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Challenge Accepted

In 2014, Lauren Mauldin shared a list of tack items she had yet to see in miniature. One of those pieces was a scrim sheet, which I started working on right away. I think I posted this on Facebook but it never made it to the blog so…

I was using a mesh type of material, and hand stitching pre-made bias tape around the edge. Turns out the tape I had was a couple inches too short, and since I didn’t have any more or know how to make it at that time, I put the sheet away and forgot about it.

Jennifer’s recent post on that same list got me thinking about trying again.

The first step was to decide on what fabric to use. The mesh I was originally using would have worked, but I wanted to find something with a smaller texture in different colors. Two fabrics I was considering were Voile and Chiffon, so I made a trip to Joann’s to see them in person. I lucked out and found a sample of each in their remnant bins. (good thing too, as the cut counter was super busy)

They’re very similar, but the voile has a bit more stiffness to it.

I really love the texture though. I think this would work nicely for fly sheets.

The chiffon has a better drape to it, but is much more delicate.

I ended up choosing the chiffon to give a scrim sheet a try.

On this sheet, I eliminated my usual back seam, sewing down a piece of thin ribbon instead. On the hip darts, I tried a sewing trick I’ve seen in multiple sewing videos, which is to add a piece of tissue paper underneath the stitching.

I could easily tear this away once the stitching was done. I’m also using my walking foot here, to help pull the material through.

Here’s what I ended up with:

The bias went on easier than I thought it would, and after adding some piping, a tail cord and a buckle in the front, the scrim sheet was done.

Even though this is a really simple sheet, it took me a long time to finish. Normally I avoid using these types of fabrics because they are slippery and frustrating to work with. I’m sure that’s something that will get easier with time and practice though.

I do have problems with one side flaring out, which could be because of the bias and added piping. I’m not sure if I can avoid that unless I add some sort of belly band.

Here’s a quick shot with it over a saddle:

Challenge accepted completed!

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Wellll it’s official now… in February I’ll be flying down to Colorado to attend this year’s BreyerWest! 😊

This year, BreyerWest is being held during the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver. I’m really excited about the new location, as it’s a chance to see a different city and a different horse expo. While I won’t be at the live show this year (I know flying with ponies can be done but I’m not quite brave enough for that..!) I will be participating in a couple of the workshops and the swap meet again. I’ve been daydreaming about some other things I’d like to do while I’m in the area, and it’s a chance to visit family too. It’ll be fun. 🙂

I’ve already been at work on creating pieces for the swap meet, and the first I can share with you all is a set of blankets made for Rhian and Cadell.

I love these ponies so much and have been wanting to make them matching blankets for a while now.

February is only a few short months away, and I have a lot more work to do. I hope to see some of you there!!!

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I’ve been working on and off on this blanket for the last month.

This weekend I finally managed to finish it.

This one is mostly based off of SmartPak Equine’s “Ultimate” turnout blanket. I was eager to try making the quick-clip closures in front. I’ve seen them on many real turnout blankets, and wanted to re-create them in miniature.

Success! The hooks clip on to the rings in front, making the blanket fairly easy to put on. (I usually buckle up everything then slip the blanket over the horse’s head… it’s a lot easier that way!) Like the real thing, they are also adjustable for a slightly tighter or looser fit.

This blanket has the usual details as well… tongue buckles, shoulder gussets, removable leg straps…

I’m really happy with how it came together.

The blanket is for sale, and the auction can be found here on Model Horse Place.

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