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Square Cooler

I finished up a square cooler today:

I think these are usually made of fleece. Mine is cotton, but it might drape nicer with a different material. (Jersey, maybe?)

Still, for a spur of the moment project it came out better than I thought it would.

It helps that it didn’t need a pattern or hardware or contouring or anything. It’s literally a rectangle with binding and ribbon straps sewn to it. πŸ˜…

I’ve been in a creative slump/burnout for several weeks now, so finishing anything is an accomplishment.

These slumps come and go of course, and soon I’m hoping to get back to creating things I promised forever ago. (*cough*likesaddlebags*cough*)

Until then…

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I needed a simple project to work on today, so I put together a ribbon halter for my Rhian model. This led to a matching blanket.

Pink really isn’t my favorite color, and this pony looks good in practically every other color so why pink?


I don’t think she approves.

At least I have a Rhian-sized blanket pattern to add to my stash now.

This is a personal piece and will not be for sale. πŸ™‚

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I’ve been working on another dinosaur themed blanket. This one has dino skeletons! I love this fabric and have been wanting to put it to use. πŸ¦•

This one is very similar to blankets I’ve made in the past. I’ve used a thinner binding though, and the front closes with two tongue buckles.

This piece is for sale, listed again over on Model Horse Place as an auction. I’ve set the auction to end this Saturday night, so it’s a bit shorter than the last one. If you are interested please check it out!

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