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I am so excited for Breyer’s 2019 releases. The lineup this year is excellent!

But what makes me happiest are these! I have been sitting on my hands about this all year long. I’m SO happy I can finally share with you all!

Earlier this year Breyer approached me about creating a set of Show Stall Drapes and a tack trunk cover for their 2019 line. (just want to add that I didn’t have any say in the rest of the pieces, but aren’t they cute?!)
Stall Drapes are often used at horse shows to promote a stable/farm’s name, as well as provide privacy. Some set ups are simple, others, extra elaborate!

I was really excited to take this on! Breyer wanted it to be able to fit both of their current barns, the Deluxe…

… and the two stall:

This was actually the most challenging part of the project. (sewing everything? Piece of cake 🍰) My original plan was to have the drapes set up as a stand-alone piece, but that quickly proved to be too complex, too big, and likely too expensive to manufacture. The solution actually came from the way both barns are assembled. There’s a small lip or ledge right above the stalls, which is just big enough for a dowel to rest. The dowel breaks down into three parts to save space, as well as convert it to fit the smaller barn.

Here’s my prototype on the large barn:

And on the smaller, with the middle section removed:

The drapes were also designed to be opened or closed, because plastic ponies need their privacy, right?

Here’s the prototype of the tack trunk cover:

I had never made anything with mass production in mind before (which is a challenge in itself) so this was a really good experience. I’m anxiously awaiting to see what the final product looks like! (I can’t tell if Breyer’s image is one of the prototypes…) I also want to see if I can customize them so they can be used with or without a barn. If so I’ll be sure to share how to do that here. 🙂

Just like with Justify’s garland, I am so, so grateful to Breyer for recognizing me and giving this opportunity. It is a dream come true. It’s mind-blowing that something I designed will be in stores all over the country. 🤯 I can’t process it! But I am so very happy. ❤️

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In June, Justify became the 13th horse to win the Triple Crown:

Shortly afterward, Breyer announced that they would be creating a portrait model of Justify:

In-between this, Breyer approached me to create the prototype for his garland, which I happily agreed to!

They wanted a garland that had rows of flowers from all three races. In order to win the Triple Crown, a horse has to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. The winner of each is draped with a garland of flowers: roses for the Derby, black eyed susans for the Preakness, and carnations for the Belmont. So Justify’s garland has all three to represent each race.

Here’s the final version of the prototype. (the roses should be in front, but in my airheadedness I flipped it backwards and didn’t notice til later 😅)

And Breyer’s final version:

I was so excited to see how it came together in the end!! Mostly though, I am so, so grateful to Breyer for allowing me to have a small part in the creation of this model. ❤️

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Oh my word it’s nearly December already! My town is already decked out for Christmas and I’ve been playing Christmas music for uh… a few weeks now. (at the speed time goes by, I say enjoy it while you can!)

November’s flown by, and good riddance, I think. It’s been a bad month BUT, thankfully, has had some bright spots.

Several weeks back I was contacted by Zayat Stables to make a second Triple Crown blanket for their display model of American Pharoah. I still get all excited just thinking about it!


Rags to Riches is pretending to be Pharoah, since I’ve yet to get my hands on one 😀

It’s nearly identical to the first version, but with slightly different colors and a better fit to the Ruffian mold.



A picture of it was shared on American Pharoah’s Facebook page, which still makes me all giddy and happy, haha. I didn’t realize that their model was the Classic sized horse so the blanket is a bit too big, but they still made it work and were pleased with it so that’s good!


I am so, so grateful. ❤

Because I’ve had several inquiries about it, at the moment, no, I’m not making them for sale because of potential copyright issues. However if this should change in the future I will be posting an update here on the blog. 🙂

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