Hello and welcome! My name is Nichelle and I’ve been involved in the model horse hobby for nearly 20 years.

I first got into model horses in my early teens. I was riding real horses at the time, but when that stopped, models became the next best thing. What really drew me into the hobby was the creative side to it, especially in tack and prop making. I’ve always had a fascination with creating miniatures, so I love being able to combine that interest with the models.

PianoHorseThis blog was created for fun, as well as a way to document and share the things I’ve made and what I’ve learned. I’m still not able to be around real horses at this point in my life, so being a part of this hobby is also a way to stay connected to the real horse world.

Thanks for stopping by!

Contact me: desktopstables@gmail.com

Commissions are currently CLOSED. I’m sorry, but thank you for the interest!