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Quiet but busy…

I’ve been a bad blogger again. It’s the middle of April already aghhhhh…

I have been working on stuff, but the majority of it really isn’t worth blogging about yet. I’ve been jumping around from one thing to the next instead of just focusing on one project at a time. I can’t decide if this is good or bad?

Anyway. Over these past few weeks, I’ve been making loads of bias tape:

This looked a lot more impressive before I wrapped and organized it all. There are yards and yards here...

This looked a lot more impressive before I wrapped and organized it all. There are yards and yards here…

Playing around with miniatures again…


Horse is HO scale

Horse is HO scale

Done a tiny bit of saddle carving: (someday I will finish this saddle. SOMEDAY.)


Working on various Etsy orders:


Sewing several English saddle pads: (yes these are Potter themed, wheee!)


And working with leather lace again. I’ve discovered that using a NEW and SHARP blade makes skiving 1000 times easier! Imagine that! *bashes head on wall*


Work kind of beat me up this week, and the weekend so far has been lovely and warm and sunny, but I’m determined to get some of this stuff finished! Wish me luck. 😛

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Show Saddle… Part 2-ish

I’ve discovered that tooling leather is extremely painful. Like, skiving painful if I’m not careful.

I’ve been sore all week so deciding to try tooling the leather for my saddle probably wasn’t the greatest idea.  I can’t say I’ve made a lot of progress, which really isn’t that big of a deal. But I like making lots of progress and having to stop myself because of this blasted pain is beyond frustrating.

Frustrations aside, I am pleased with how it’s coming along though. I ended up taking my tooling design back into the computer, where I digitally traced over it to simplify the design. (and mirrored some parts… is that cheating? I think that’s cheating. But hey, if you have the tools, why not use them!)


I’ve printed that up and am tracing the design onto the leather. It shows up well enough to go over with my exacto blade and embossing/dotting tool, which I’m using to bring out the design:


I still don’t really know what I’m doing though.


Unfortunately the only pieces I’ve gotten done are the upper skirt and one fender. Argh! Maybe next week I’ll have more progress made?

Till then, it’s back to work on these, if I can:


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Time for Tassels

Tying tassels is one of those things I dread doing but enjoy once I get into it. Once I zone out the entire process goes by pretty quickly, which is good because there really isn’t a quick way to make these things.

I start by making an assembly-line of sorts. First, each tassel is cut and tied in half:

GreenCostume09When I have a decent sized pile (I think I had around 30-something in this batch) I’ll start wrapping them. I sometimes work in small batches of ten or twelve at a time to keep things more interesting.

Once they are all wrapped…

GreenCostume08… and trimmed…


… it’s time to add beads.

GreenCostume06Then, one by one they are sewn on.


Finished! With a few extra tassels to spare. (always a good thing!)


And it only took 3 hours.

But like I said… once I zone out it goes by fast. And this helps too:


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