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Two years ago I repainted a couple HO/1:87 scale horses to look like OF Breyers:

Today I got two more of them painted, made to look like Misty and Stormy of Chincoteague:

My camera picked up every speck, bump and microscopic spot I missed, BUT they’re super tiny, and I wasn’t aiming for a “lsq” paint job or anything. >_>

I am fascinated with miniatures and even more so with miniatures of miniatures!

To give an idea of size, here is Breyer’s Misty with her micro counterpart:

And Stormy with hers:

(the book can be found in this post!)

So… does the model Misty approve of her model?

The collection:

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A while back I picked up these minis from Joann’s:

I think they’re meant for fairy gardens. I’m not a fairy garden sort of person but I do love how craft stores like Joann’s and Michaels have an assortment of miniatures for them. The scale is all over the place of course, and they’re kind of pricey, so I usually go through them whenever they’re on sale or clearance.

The crows looked like good repaint fodder, and they really needed it. One couldn’t stand on his own either, but that was an easy fix with some sanding.

They’re looking better without the silly yellow eyes now.

In the 1:9 world they’re too big to be crows, so they’re pretending to be ravens instead.

I prefer ravens to crows anyway. 😉

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A Black Beauty

This post is long overdue… but I am trying to catch up. 🙂 Here is a sweet custom SM who arrived a couple months back.



She was painted by Cindy Evans of Knight’s Tale Studio, as a prize for a banner contest held a few years ago.


I love, love, love Cindy’s custom work and am so grateful to have a piece by her in my collection!



My photos don’t show it well, but she has nice brown undertones and beautifully painted eyes.


Cindy also surprised me with an extra in the package… a medallion sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis:


Thanks again Cindy! 😀


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