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It’s been exactly ten years since I started posting on this blog.

I started a hobby blog for fun, and never imagined that I would still be blogging a decade later.

This wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.

THANK YOU for reading, for your comments and sweet encouragement. I’m bad at responding to comments (I’m trying to get better at it) but I do read and appreciate them all!

If you’ve been reading since the beginning or just started recently, thanks for being here and sticking with me. 🙂

I don’t know what the next ten years will hold, or whether or not I’ll keep blogging throughout it, but who knows!

Bonus image…

“My precioussss”

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Aside from model horses, I try not to collect much. I might have a bit of a problem with sheet music and fabric, and the miniature collection is growing steadily… but honest, that’s all! My reasoning with miniatures is that because they are small, they take up less space. 😛

Well, maybe. My stuff fills two plastic boxes already. And this is just what’s “organized.” o_o

I make a lot of my own minis because 1:9 is an odd size, but I love finding pre-made things that work in the scale as well.

Over the last few years I’ve been collecting a lot of Re-Ment sets.

Re-Ment is a Japanese miniature/toy brand. Their pieces are roughly 1:6 scale but that seems to vary, especially with furniture. Many of their older sets are related to food, but in more recent years they have been releasing themed sets featuring characters from Disney, Sanrio, Snoopy and others I’ve never heard of before. (Moomin? Know nothing about him but he’s kind of cute!)

I could easily get carried away with buying whatever I thought was cute, so I set myself some rules.

1: it should be something I could use in my 1:9 scale world
2: is something I’m not confident on making myself

Of course, those “rules” quickly went out the window and I splurged on a few sets I loved. (*cough*SailorMoon*cough*)

Still, I try to keep those “rules” in the back of my mind whenever I feel like hunting stuff down. It doesn’t always work.

Most of my Re-Ments have come from ebay sellers based in China. (my favorite seller is fan21_hk) One thing I’ve noticed is that some sellers raise the prices HIGH, (sometimes ridiculously so) especially on older, complete sets. I’ve also noticed that once a set has been out for a few months, the prices tend to go up. In some cases it’s cheaper to buy a full 8-box set instead of individual boxes.
So if you’re looking for something specific, it may be a good idea to save a search and check for new listings every day.

I love them for their detail. This is probably the reason why I collect them in the first place. I grew up playing with dolls and always dreamed of having tiny, realistic (not PINK) accessories to fill their plastic homes with.

I guess I’ll never grow up. 😛

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I’m a bit of a Re-Ment addict. Re-Ment is a Japanese miniature/toy brand, which makes really detailed minis in 1:6-ish scale. My Re-Ments have become one of those “accidental” collections, and I am planning on writing another post on them later. Today though, it’s about mini cameras.


The rules I have for Re-Ment collecting is that the piece could be used for my 1:9 scale world, and is something that I can’t or don’t want to create myself. And like so many collection “rules” they kind of went out the window, but anyway…

I’ve actually been looking for a miniature camera for a while now. They do exist in miniature, and there are some really nice 1:6 scale ones out there, but they can be pricey as well as too big.

I did make a tiny version of my Canon Powershot a couple years ago, out of paperboard:


And I have attempted to make a mini DSLR, but my attempts haven’t quite worked out. So, when I saw this mini plastic one in an upcoming Re-Ment set, I started watching my favorite ebay sellers for a chance to snag one.

It came as part of a Gudetama themed set. (Gudetama is a Sanrio character, and yes, he’s an egg… and that’s pretty much all I know)

Gudetama Hot Springs # 1

And, like so many Re-Ment sets, the scale isn’t quite 1:6 which makes it perfect for my 1:9 scale people.


It’s got a nice clear lens but the rest was rather plain, so I gave it some paint details and a new strap. Here’s the end result:



Since I painted it after my full-size camera, I couldn’t resist putting them together for a couple shots:



Here it is compared to a Breyer doll… Yvonne can hold it better but I haven’t made her any clothes yet so…


Goofing off, as usual…




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