10 Years

It's been exactly ten years since I started posting on this blog. I started a hobby blog for fun, and never imagined that I would still be blogging a decade later. This wouldn't have been possible without you guys. THANK YOU for reading, for your comments and sweet encouragement. I'm bad at responding to comments … Continue reading 10 Years


I'm a bit of a Re-Ment addict. Re-Ment is a Japanese miniature/toy brand, which makes really detailed minis in 1:6-ish scale. My Re-Ments have becomeĀ one of those "accidental" collections, andĀ IĀ am planning on writing another post on them later. Today though, it's about mini cameras. Ā  The rulesĀ I have for Re-Ment collecting is that the piece … Continue reading A Tiny DSLR