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? – 09/30/13


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I told you I was going to start slacking.
Well, with posting here anyway, cause if I start slacking elsewhere I’ll be in trouble.

I’ve been feeling a bit drained when it comes to being creative. Most of my creative “energy” is going towards school projects. I recently finished up a calendar featuring vector fish:

One Fish

Two fish

… and am about to start another project on designing milk cartons, in addition to some other projects I’ve been working on right now. It’s keeping me busy but it’s all fun work so I don’t mind.

Like usual, I haven’t made much progress on any of my tack projects. I’m stuck on them, to be honest. I do have a nice halter order I’ve been working on though. I’ve made so many halters that I don’t have to think about them much while I’m making them… unlike saddles. 😉


Mostly I’ve been pre-occupied with Kitty, who had a tumor removed from her side earlier this week:

Cone of Shame

I’m not exactly the greatest nurse ever. And she’s angry at me for putting the cone back on her head. But sulking aside, she’s been doing pretty well.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling up to getting back in the swing of things soon.

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I’ve been pretty awful with updating this thing this month. I haven’t been doing much hobby-wise that’s all that interesting anyway. Plus, I’m working full-time again, (yay!) which means less time devoted to all of my hobbies. (so sad)

Off and on I’ll continue painting my barn… I think I’ve gotten the white the way I like it, and the roof’s now gray, as is the floor and such. Last night I started working on the green trim and door, and I think I’ll go over that a bit more tonight as well.

Mm. I’ve also learned that cardboard bends when it’s painted. The sliding door is currently smashed under a few hardcover Harry Potter books in an attempt to flatten it out again. (wiped it down with a wet washcloth first… maybe that will work? Who knows!)

The whole thing is pretty rough around the edges, but hey. The cat approves! Now to avoid getting any more cat hair mixed in with the paint, ugh! 😀

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