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I’ve been working on another dinosaur themed blanket. This one has dino skeletons! I love this fabric and have been wanting to put it to use. πŸ¦•

This one is very similar to blankets I’ve made in the past. I’ve used a thinner binding though, and the front closes with two tongue buckles.

This piece is for sale, listed again over on Model Horse Place as an auction. I’ve set the auction to end this Saturday night, so it’s a bit shorter than the last one. If you are interested please check it out!

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I started a second dress sheet almost immediately after completing the first:

This one has the same details, but they’re more refined. I think I’m finally happy with the binding!

In person, the purple is more of a reddish fuchsia color. On my PC it’s purple but on my iPhone it’s more fuchsia… I’ve given up trying to edit them to work with both! πŸ˜…

I don’t know what this fabric is either… some sort of cotton blend…? It’s a little heavier than what I normally use but I really liked the texture. Like usual I have it lined with white cotton.

I’m really happy with how this one came together. Lately I’ve been wanting to push myself to up the quality of my work, and I think (I hope!) this is a step in that direction.

This sheet is available for sale. I have it listed as an auction on Model Horse Place, ending this Sunday. Please take a look if you’re interested!

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