An Update Post

I’m still here, nothing’s wrong, I’m just very, very bad at blogging this year. Once you get out of a blogging rhythm it’s really tough to get back into it. I haven’t had anything to blog about, and I think I’m still healing from 2020 so… yeah. Excuses, excuses! 😅

Truthfully, I had some commitments that left me without much time for the hobby, and when I did have time the interest just wasn’t there.
So what to do? Push through it or come back when I’m ready? I’ve noticed I’m doing a mix of both.

I am slowly working on tack again, when I have the time and motivation to do so. I’ve started work on another silver show halter, using one of Rio Rondo’s new hardware sets. It’s slow-going but it’s coming together, one strap at a time.

I’ve finally had the chance to try out my new pounce wheels, which I purchased from Unique Master Models last summer. Yeah it took me a year to try them on tack don’t judge me.
Anyway I’m using the MN006 3D Riveter tool in 1/48, but I also have the same style in 1/72. Both are smaller than the Excel 1/4 pounce wheel, which I’ve been using for stitch marking up until now.

From top to bottom: 1/4, 1/72 and 1/48

My workspace got a couple changes. I picked up a cheap Target coffee table to use for my photo setup. I’m more comfortable being on the floor for taking photos and I don’t exactly know why… future me might think differently but for now I’m happy.
The best part is having all of my tack, props, minis and footing in one spot, so I don’t have to drag everything out of the closet every time I set scenes up.

I’m extremely annoyed with my backdrops though, so I’ve been looking into getting some fabric ones to hang up instead. Until then I’ll make do.

Something else I needed to tackle was the Tower of Shoeboxes that held all of my larger props. The closet in this room is fairly small, but it does have space for an over the door organizer, which I also picked up from Target. I liked this one because the pockets are clear and are larger on the bottom, for my bigger, more awkward pieces.

So all of this…

Moved into this. I know where everything is now, it’s so much better! And I can still close the door and hide everything. 😁

My “For Sale” page on the blog has been updated with some horses as well. Nothing too exciting, but I figured I would give it a try before going back to eBay. One of my goals this year was to continue thinning the herd, especially now that I’ve had to pack them up and move them.

Annnd I think that’s it? Hopefully I can get back into blogging at least weekly, or every other week or something, but we’ll see how that goes. July is shaping up to be a pretty busy/hopefully fun month though, so I should have some new things to blog about soon. Thanks for sticking with me!

6 thoughts on “An Update Post

    1. It was a gift from Bobbie of Horse Tender Studio, so I’m not sure! 🙂 More could probably be found online though.

  1. I think Covid and other things in the last year and a half has taken a tole on all of us! I hope you begin getting more motivation and I look forward to future post! 🙂


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