A quick sale-related update (yeah another one I know, argh!)

I’ve been trying to come up with an easy-ish way to notify those interested whenever I list things for sale. Etsy does not have a notification system (if you favorite a shop it will show up in your feed, much like Facebook) which is kind of annoying but oh well.

My solution (unless it goes horribly wrong) is a second blog, creatively named “DS Sales.” It’s sole purpose is for sales related posts and information, since I’ve failed pretty nicely at keeping up with that here. I always feel it’s a bit spammy here, and I’m not really sure why? My focus for Desktop Stables has always been to share pictures, projects I’m working on, projects I’m failing at, and things I’m learning along the way. I kind of hate cluttering it up with Etsy stuff. XD

Anyway. I am hoping that this second sister-site of sorts will help with notifications.

You will have to subscribe with your email address, exactly like you would on this site. These two sites are separate from each other – you can subscribe to one or both or neither. You do not need to have a WordPress account. Just watch your spam folders, because sometimes these types of emails like to hide out in there. (depending on your email service)

If you’re interested, here is the link to the site: https://desktopstablessales.wordpress.com/

Thanks for your interest and your patience with me! 🙂 Now to get back to sewing… and making a miniature library of horse books… (whathaveIdone?!) o_o

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