Tutorial: Wall Mounted Saddle Racks

I am building a miniature tack room.

This is part of a bigger, slightly insane project. It isn’t finished yet. But it is finished enough to show a few photos, and a couple things I’ve made for it I’ve turned into tutorials.

The first is an easy DIY – wall mounted saddle racks.

To make one, you will need:

  • One 1 3/4 in “jumbo” popsicle stick
  • Two 2 1/2 in regular popsicle sticks
  • One 2 1/2 in craft matchstick
  • One 1 3/4 in craft matchstick, with the ends angled (like a long, skinny trapezoid)

You will also need a tiny triangle – this is optional. To make this, cut a piece from a regular sized popsicle stick at a 45 degree angle. Using a mitre box is helpful!

Start by gluing the longer matchstick to one side of a popsicle stick. I’m using Aleene’s Tacky glue for this.

Once that sets, flip it over and glue the second popsicle stick ontop of the matchstick. Having something to prop it up against will help keep it straight.

Add the triangle to one end:

On the jumbo popsicle stick, make a mark 1/4 of an inch away from each end.

Glue the rack to this piece, using one of the marks as a guide. Here I like to use hot glue as it sets a lot faster.

Add glue to the angled ends of the remaining matchstick. Glue one end at the second mark, and the other underneath the rack. I like to add a drop of glue there as well, to make sure it will stay in place.

Stain if desired, (I use watered-down acrylic paint for “stain”) add varnish, and your saddle rack is complete!

Enjoy! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Tutorial: Wall Mounted Saddle Racks

  1. Wow! It looks awesome! Today I was in a thrift shop in my town, and was just waiting in the line at the register, when I noticed a horse standing in one of the glass cases. I asked to see it, and saw that it was a breyer black Beauty! I was so thrilled, even though he’s missing an ear (maybe I’ll be able to fix that) hes my first traditional (I collect classics) and I love him! Sorry for going majorly off topic 😃

  2. Thank you Nishelle for this tutorial! I read your tack room post and right now I’m working on a crazy barn of my own! This looks so COOL!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much Nichelle I’ve made them and they turned out nice I’m so excited to put them in the stable I’m making


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