More Sewing Practice

I got another horse blanket sewn up this week:


It’s a show cooler or dress sheet, with fancy looped braids on the sides.


Ok… so the braids aren’t exactly what you see on real blankets… they were such a pain to figure out. What I ended up with I came across by accident, and while it’s ok it’s still not quite what I want it to be.



Also, I don’t know if the strap on the back is supposed to go over or under the tail? I’ve seen pictures of it both ways.

There’s a single strap on the front as well:


It may sound silly, but I’m most pleased about the mitered corners, and how I’ve got a “seamless” join on the binding. Honestly, the binding this time around was the easiest part. Usually it causes the most problems so having everything come together neatly was exciting!

ShowCooler04Practice makes perfect though. I’m still far from perfect but I’d like to think I’m improving somewhat. 🙂


9 thoughts on “More Sewing Practice

  1. looks great! i’m never sure if the strap goes under or over the tail either… but usually put it under since i’d rather the strap get dirty vs. the tail when the horse goes to the bathroom

  2. This looks so neat, you did a great job! And I honestly have no clue which way that strap goes. I’d say just put it under cow that’s what most rugs are like. I love the colours as well!!

    1. This particular one won’t be, but others may show up eventually. I’m getting closer to being happy enough with them to try selling them. 🙂


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