Phantom’s Tack

A while back I purchased a pair of green bell boots for Phantom. (aka, the Show Jumping Warmblood/Cedric) Once I was able to, I ordered a green flybonnet to match:

FlyBonnet_JanaSSince I’ve been sewing a lot lately, I figured it was time to add piece number three to his set of tack, a quilted pad.


I’m not entirely happy with it (or my english tack/pads in general, ha) but for now it’s ok. I’m still experimenting with English saddle pads, and this one gave me a lot of trouble so I’m glad it’s just done. 😉


Here it is under saddle. (I re-stuffed the panels sometime last year so it’s not quite as flat as it was before…)



I’m hoping to make a bridle for him sometime in the future, and maybe another saddle.


But those are projects for another day! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Phantom’s Tack

  1. I know her things too, but I would like to ask you a question… 🙂
    How much did it cost? Only nearly, because I live in Germany and would like to order some too ^^
    Thanks a lot ❤

    1. I didn’t – I purchased them from Jana Skybova. She lists them for sale on MH$P every so often. 🙂 They’re really nice and super easy to take on/off!


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