Backdrop Building II: Textures

Printables are available for personal, non-commercial use only please! They are for fun – I do not make any money from these and will remove them if necessary or requested. 🙂


Here’s a quick post for today. I’ve put together an assortment of printable textures to use for backgrounds/props/etc. The files are all in .jpg format, so feel free to resize, recolor, or edit further. Please note that these aren’t perfect seamless/tiling textures. (the wood ones especially) Also, the images shown are just previews. The actual images are linked below and are much, much bigger!

First off, a metal siding, in light grey:

Metal – Light Grey

And a darker grey:
Metal – Dark Grey

I’ve also got bricks in a few colors. I saw a picture of this gorgeous stable made from red brick with white and green wood trim, so this was kind of inspired by that.
Red Bricks

Grey Bricks

Tan Bricks

And last but not least, a wood siding texture. There are two sizes for each color as well.

Light Wood:
Light Wood WIDELight Wood THIN

Medium Wood:
Med Wood WIDEMed Wood THIN

White Wood:
White Wood WIDEWhite Wood THIN

Enjoy 🙂

17 thoughts on “Backdrop Building II: Textures

  1. Thank you so much! I’m going to make a backdrop this weekend and I’ll be posting pics to my blog. Thanks!!!!

  2. Two things…
    1 I love your backdrop. I wish I could make one like that.
    2 Do you think you could make a tutorial on bell boots? I have a pair I’m currently working on and want to stab all 10 of my attempts. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I wanted to do as a background and did not have access to Photoshop to accomplish. A tip of my hat in thanks!

  4. I just completed my indoor arena using your guide, and it came out absolutely awesome! I used the light grey metal siding. Thank you so much for making these awesome printables available to us!

  5. oooooooh aaaaaaaah so pretty I love them! im building a barn for my friends schleich im definetly using these!


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