Mini Montana Birds

A few years back I picked up a set of resin birds from Hobby Lobby.
Birds01They’re cute as-is, but I figured it was time to make them a little better.

A “blue jay” before

I wanted to change them to local birds, but since they’re on the large side, I tried to stick with larger-sized species. Even so, they’re still a little big.

Most of the changes involved giving the birds larger beaks and reshaped heads.


Some also got legs, bent from tiny pieces of wire. I don’t know how I managed to get these birds to stand up on their own… dumb luck, I guess? I’m happy about that anyway!


With a little paint, I now have two American robins:


A steller’s jay:


A mountain bluebird:


A western bluebird:


And two blue jays:



The robins are my favorites. I made them a nest from bits of twine and moss, then filled it with a few polymer clay eggs:



Group shot:


8 thoughts on “Mini Montana Birds

  1. Love the American Bluebird! Definitely improvements from when you got them! You have such pretty native birds… Pigeons seem to hang about here!!

  2. The robins are my favorite! I love them!! you did an amazing job! do you sell them?! if so i will take 1400 robins!:) jk but wow!

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