Mini Montana Birds

A few years back I picked up a set of resin birds from Hobby Lobby.
Birds01They’re cute as-is, but I figured it was time to make them a little better.

A “blue jay” before

I wanted to change them to local birds, but since they’re on the large side, I tried to stick with larger-sized species. Even so, they’re still a little big.

Most of the changes involved giving the birds larger beaks and reshaped heads.


Some also got legs, bent from tiny pieces of wire. I don’t know how I managed to get these birds to stand up on their own… dumb luck, I guess? I’m happy about that anyway!


With a little paint, I now have two American robins:


A steller’s jay:


A mountain bluebird:


A western bluebird:


And two blue jays:



The robins are my favorites. I made them a nest from bits of twine and moss, then filled it with a few polymer clay eggs:



Group shot:


7 thoughts on “Mini Montana Birds

  1. Love the American Bluebird! Definitely improvements from when you got them! You have such pretty native birds… Pigeons seem to hang about here!!

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