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More Dog Collars

Several weeks ago I came across miniature plastic buckles on eBay. These are designed for 1:6 scale military/action figures, but I figured they miiiiight work in 1:9, so I ordered a few sets. These came from a Chinese seller, btw, as the price was much lower than the US seller. (I can wait 3+ weeks if that means saving $$ lol)

The larger, which is 5mm, best fits 1/4 inch ribbon or lace (but it’s a tight fit) while the small 3mm buckle fits 1/8. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the 5mm buckles as they’re a bit too large for my liking… but you never know! I’m SO excited about the 3mm though. My first thought was adding them to saddlebags.

The second was dog collars, so I put together three of them today. One in purple…

One in blue…

And hot pink.

They actually work!

I’d like to get a heavier wire to use for the second buckle and keeper, but this works for now.

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Colorful Collars

Even though I’m more of a cat person, a lot of dogs have been added to the collection lately. This weekend I decided that they all needed fancy collars.

The end result:

(yes that’s a Trek insignia on the corgi – his name is “Spock” after all :P)

I switched things up a little for the retriever… his is leather, not nylon. 🙂

And since this pup has been wearing the same collar for 8 years, I figured it was time to upgrade it.

The only one who is missing is my Australian Shepherd… he’s been sitting in primer for um, a while. I still hope to find the rest of the Breyer dogs one day, and if I do they’ll be sure to get their own fancy collars as well.

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Mini Montana Birds

A few years back I picked up a set of resin birds from Hobby Lobby.
Birds01They’re cute as-is, but I figured it was time to make them a little better.


A “blue jay” before

I wanted to change them to local birds, but since they’re on the large side, I tried to stick with larger-sized species. Even so, they’re still a little big.

Most of the changes involved giving the birds larger beaks and reshaped heads.


Some also got legs, bent from tiny pieces of wire. I don’t know how I managed to get these birds to stand up on their own… dumb luck, I guess? I’m happy about that anyway!


With a little paint, I now have two American robins:


A steller’s jay:


A mountain bluebird:


A western bluebird:


And two blue jays:



The robins are my favorites. I made them a nest from bits of twine and moss, then filled it with a few polymer clay eggs:



Group shot:


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