July Pumpkins

As much as I wish we could fast forward to fall, (the best time of the year!) it's still summertime. However, the craft stores around here have been putting out their autumn stuff. Earlier this month I spotted a pumpkin stem at Hobby Lobby, and have been waiting for it to go on sale so … Continue reading July Pumpkins

Sweet & Salty

This year I wanted to try making some little things inspired by BreyerFest, Prost! I have been in an awful creative slump, (that's hopefully starting to get better?) but I did manage to create some miniature food pieces. First up, gingerbread hearts, or Lebkuchenherz. I started by creating a template out of paper... ...then used … Continue reading Sweet & Salty

Target Sled

I picked up this little sled from Target earlier this week. (they also had a sleigh that miiight work for Schleich/CollectA sized horses) I'm always on the lookout for 1:9ish scale pieces for my collection, and thought this would work ok. It's cute as is, but I wanted to try customizing it. It was only … Continue reading Target Sled