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Ever since putting the sets of dog miniatures together, I’ve been wanting to make a cat version. This originally started as a set of printables but quickly expanded.

I have six sets of miniatures available for sale. Unlike the dog sets, every piece in the cat versions was made by me. Each set includes a cube bed:

A scratching post:

A mouse, fish and feather toy, plus a bag of treats.

These sets are available here on Model Horse Place.

In addition to the minis, I have a set of free printables for you all.

On my Facebook page, I asked if other hobbyists would be willing to share photos of their cats I could use on the packaging. There were so many responses, and I tried to use as many photos as I could. Thank you to everyone who shared photos with me!!

There are six varieties of the “Noms” food bags:

These are pretty straightforward to put together.

There are four bags of treats, and a box of litter.

The treats are assembled just like the food bags, but I glued the top closed instead of folding it over.

The litter has a slot on the flap, so if you could add a handle if you’d like. This one is just a thin strip of cardstock glued in place.

The canned food is a little more time consuming.

My family calls these things “meat cans”

Each can has two strips. I cut these out with an Exacto blade and a metal ruler, but you could use scissors as well.

Start with the plain white strip and roll it tightly around a toothpick, adding a little glue to help keep it in place. (don’t glue it to the toothpick)

When you reach the end, add on the second strip, then keep rolling until the image covers the whole can.

Slide it off the toothpick and cover each end with the top and bottom image.

PDF Download: Cat Stuff 1 & Cat Stuff 2

For best results, print at 100% on the High quality print setting. I used plain computer paper. Feel free to re-size for different scales, but please do not redistribute or sell these, thank you!

Plastic cats need to be spoiled like the ponies, right?! 😀 Have fun!

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Here’s the next group of photos from the Shelter and Share Photo Challenge!

11: Horse book you recommend

Anything by Marguerite Henry, but my favorite is San Domingo, the Medicine Hat Stallion.

12: Egg Hunt – what model did you hunt for for the longest time?

My choice was Lavrador, a metallic buckskin on the Legionario mold. I remember wanting him before I got into the hobby but never purchased one until recently. I still love this horse after all these years.

Day 14: Favorite clinky in your herd

I’m not a clinky collector, but I do have this tiny glass horse so I used that for this prompt instead.

Day 15: Spring Cleaning – what did you unearth?

My tack room has become a catch-all for random stuff I don’t have a place for, or am too lazy to put away properly. Here’s a sampling of that.

Day 16: Most Exotic

Not a horse, but here’s a Marwari halter made by Missy Halvas. I’m so happy to own this beautiful piece!

Day 17: Your real horse or horses you have known

I’ve never owned a horse, but I’ve met and ridden many over the years. I went with a trail horse, Gryffindor, for this prompt. Several years ago my sister and I took a trail ride through Jurassic Park, (aka Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii) and it was amazing.

Day 18: Dog Days

I have a bag full of tiny animals and things from my childhood that I can’t get rid of, including a handful of 90’s Pound Puppies. I think half of these belonged to my sister, and I had more cats than dogs. (still have some of those too!)

Day 19: Favorite resin in your herd

I have two, Kitty Cantrell’s Woodbridge painted by Sue Kern and Rayvin Maddock’s Geordie LaFjord painted by Angelica Anzelmo (Nelson)

They’re both my favorite.

Day 20: Toke’n Green Model

I wasn’t sure how to approach this one so I piled all my green stuff together for a photo instead. 😅

This is a mix of stuff I’ve made, Breyer pieces, Rement pieces, Enterprise Props, Jana Skybova and Rachel Fail.

I am missing #13, Social Distance Conga, as I was really sad and out of it on the 13th, and I couldn’t force myself to come up with anything. 😦 At this point I don’t think I’ll have a photo for it, but oh well. On to the next!

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These past couple of weeks have been… ugh. My job is considered essential, and I’m grateful I’m still working, but everyone’s hours have been cut in half for who knows how long. The uncertainty of what’s next is stressful. Have to take it one day at a time, I suppose.

The hobby has been a nice distraction, and I’m loving the number of photo challenges going on. I’m participating in one, the Shelter and Share photo challenge, and I’m enjoying it so much. Whenever the panicky feelings or “what if?” questions start in my mind, I try to refocus on what I can do for the day’s photo prompt instead. It’s been helping.

I share these on my social media accounts, but I also wanted to share them here too.

Day 1: Fool’s Gold

I thought this gold mule keychain would fit this prompt well. I also found a piece of pyrite from my grandpa’s mineral collection, and since that’s literally “fool’s gold” I thought I would include it too.

Day 2: No TP? How about TBs?

Or both? In my head they’re racing back home after successfully purchasing a package of TP from the store.

Another version:

I spent way too much time on this package of toilet paper, so here’s a close up. The label is from one of My Froggy Stuff’s printables.

There are six individual rolls in here. 😳 (made from a napkin I found stuffed in my purse of course!)

Day 3: First Model

My first Traditional model was Like A Diamond on the Adios mold. I had only recently shared a photo of him on my Instagram page, so I thought I would approach this prompt a little differently.

Day 4: Caturday

Day 5: Hobby Item You Made

I’ve made a lot over the years, so I tried to fit as much of it as I could in one shot.

Day 6: When Pets and Models Collide

Denny (my parents’ cat) wasn’t too interested in this one.

Day 7: Small but Mighty

A continuation of “first model”

Day 8: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

I don’t have nearly enough pink stuff in my collection and I need to correct this asap. In the meantime here is Rhian in her pink blanket. The dog was a Michaels find from a few years ago.

Day 9: Silliest, Goofiest, Guiltiest Pleasure Model

I love dressing up my horses in brightly colored blankets with cute/silly prints on them. The ice cream blanket was supposed to come to BreyerWest with me, but I ran out of time/motivation to finish it.

Day 10: Birthday Gift Model

These two horses were a gift for my 15th birthday, so I knew I wanted to do something with them. There’s a plate of chopped apples for the horses, and an apple pie instead of cake. I usually prefer pie or ice cream over cake for my birthday. 🥧

A close up of the presents I (again) spent way too much time on:

Thank you for creating this challenge, Sarah and Kirsten Wellman! Now to plan out today’s photo 📷

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