Another crossed off “The List”

I keep a text file on my computer called “The List.” It’s basically a list of all the things I would like to make, in addition to things that need updating or fixing. It’s kind of weird that I keep a list at all, as it’s not like I forget everything. Perhaps it’s a way of inspiring myself to get certain things done, as it’s so satisfying to cross them off.

Or maybe I just like lists.

One thing that’s been on this list for ages was my saddle stands. I’ve whined about them here before, and last night, finally decided to actually do something about it.

Saddle Stands

They’re not “perfect” by any means, but definitely an improvement.

Saddle Stands 2

I noticed some real ones have a tray underneath them, and since I bothered to add one to my minis, I decided that I needed to make something to actually fit in there. Saddle soap, of course!

Saddle SoapCourse… now I need to update my old saddles, or make brand new ones altogether!



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