Another year ends…

Happy new year! (a day late, but oh well) Time for fresh starts, new beginnings, new goals and resolutions that may or may not be kept!

2012 was kind of a mixed up year for me. It had it’s good points though, the most important being that I’m in school, (passed the first semester with 5 A’s… :D) and have gotten my wrist pain under control.

Every year I make the same hobby-related resolutions: keep this blog updated and make more tack. I think I did all right this year, even though it was mostly Arabian stuff. 🙂


I added some new faces to the herd as well…


And sold quite a few too.

This year, in addition to the usual goals, I’d like to try and get into Photoshowing, as live shows are kind of non-existent around here. We’ll see how that goes, haha.

Here’s hoping for a good 2013. 🙂


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