Catching Horses

Don’t you hate it when you go out to catch a horse, only to have them take off? It’s usually right when you’re a couple feet away from them as well. They wait till the last minute.

Brenda was annoyed to begin with. It was early, cold, and wet, and she was stuck wearing the ratty denim jacket that everyone has to wear because some people are too lazy to make any more decent clothes. *cough* To top it off, she was sent out to fetch Azul, a horse who’s not only crazy-spirited, but one she rather detests as well.

Turns out he detests her too, which made running away all the more fun.

Yesterday I made a Breakaway halter, designed for horses that are put out to pasture with their halters on. It has a leather crown strap which will break if it’s caught on something, unlike the nylon.

Better luck next time, Brenda! Hah! 😀

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