Updates and More Nonesense…

I think Nokota would make a good cutting horse. He and his rider (who’s nameless, haha) practiced cutting invisible cows for a few days before I put them away. I’m kind of paranoid about leaving my horses tacked up for too long.

Model-wise, I haven’t been up to very much. Today I finished up my custom horse for Blab’s “Spooky SM Swap,” and I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. Pictures later, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise early on. 🙂

Speaking of customs, a while back I attempted to sculpt a new mane on Duchess:

It’s kind of a mess. I don’t know if I should attempt to fix it, or sand it all off and go with what I originally had in mind: mohair. Hmm. I just want to start painting her!

The herd’s also grown a bit. (like always) A couple months ago I found a Henry Fjord for sale, and a nice one at that! You know how different hobbyists have “grail” horses? Well, this boy was one of mine. (which must sound silly since he’s an old RR OF plastic… and grails are usually higher-end horses. But to each her own, right?)

My birthday brought Sheik of Hallunbaek to the herd as well. I love the color of this horse! Eventually I’d like to make him some dressage tack, or at least a bridle, as none of my others fit him. He’s got quite a large head…

I’m hopelessly addicted to plastic horses. (at least it’s not drugs!)

4 thoughts on “Updates and More Nonesense…

  1. Great pictures! Can’t wait to see how that one’s mane turns out.

    BTW — you should add your blog to your FB page!

  2. I’m paranoid, too! Today, my 9 year old brother knocked my gg valentine off a table and her tail broke off! So far, no one has any idea on how to fix it without ruining the paint but there are a few itty bitty nearly invisible but still annoying scratches on her barrel and hip…. But anyway, I have to stop every time I pass a table and made sure that nothing can be knocked off even though I know that brother will find a way to break something.

    Devon Comstock♥

    PS That saddle looks really great as far as I can tell!


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