Puzzle Pieces

I’m back to working on this saddle. I’m determined to finish it but it’s been a challenge. It’s like putting a puzzle together… except you have to create the pieces as you go and hope it looks like the picture in the end. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

I keep making pieces, altering them, changing my mind and re-making them. Have I ever mentioned that making patterns is hard?

Here’s how I created the panels. This is a piece of tooling leather (skived down as needed, I’m always trying to reduce bulk) with felt glued on top for the padding. Some hobbyists use craft foam or leather, this is just what I have on hand.

I covered this with a piece of skiver, using a stylus to push the leather right up against the felt. On top, the leather is wrapped around the edge and glued down.

I got the billets attached to the sweat flaps. (I think that’s what these are…?)

This piece is going to be sandwiched in between the cantle and the panel. I’m making this by gluing down a piece of waxed cord to skiver…

…then folding the edges around it. I used my fingernail to press the leather tight against the cord.

Here’s the finished piece:

I could change all of this the next time I sit down to work. However, I think I need to stop fussing and just put it together. It’s so close!

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