Originally I wanted to have this piece done before Christmas, but between travel, work and the holidays, that didn’t happen. This week I made it a goal to finish it, otherwise it was going to sit for a year.

It was kind of a pain, I probably should have let it sit. πŸ˜…

This piece of green and gold fabric had been in my stash for a while. I love the gold snowflake pattern and thought it would be suitable for my Friesian model. I tried to switch things up by making less of a typical horse blanket and more of a costume-ish type of thing.

I added a black rope trim and a thick velvet collar, but it still felt too plain. I tried to add a little more interest by sewing a couple lines in the collar, and adding some gold rhinestones to the fabric.

I think that helped? I’m still kind of “ehh…” about it.

I think it’s one of those things that looks better in person than in photos. Still, it was nice to try something different! Maybe I’ll make a matching halter next December…

Speaking of snowflakes, Breyer officially released their 2023 product line early this week. Included in the lineup is the next Holiday Horse, Highlander. Last year I had the privilege to work on the prototype for his costume. Like previous years, this meant creating the 3D version of Breyer’s design. (I did create the plaid fabric pattern though) It’s had a few changes since I last saw it, but I think it came together really nice. I’m glad to see that people like him!

6 thoughts on “Snowflakes

  1. Not my most favorite of your creations but still cute! (The Christmas horse is a whole different story!πŸ˜† Because I think he is cute…) Will you be making any blankets, tack, etc to sell? I wish you would bring back your pink and blue Zebra blankets, I missed out big time on getting them!

  2. It’s cool to see you leaning in the direction of a costume blanket. I did the same thing when I was a teen. Your horse looks to me like a gentleman wearing a particularly fancy housecoat, possibly a smoking jacket.

  3. I’ll be adding him to my collection in 2023. I love his design and I think you did an excellent job on helping with it.

  4. What if you put a few of the dots of gold onto the edge of the collar? or a small pattern like … .. … .. ?

  5. So cute! It really suits the mold. And Highlander, well, he is just simply to die for. 😍


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