Kangaroo Scraps

There’s a bridle I want to try making that has a tiny piece of colored leather on it. In my searching I came across Danecraft Leather Shop on Etsy. They sell sample pieces of colored Kangaroo leather, leather offcuts and lacing. The sensible thing would have been to order a couple of samples, but noooo.

I ended up ordering a pound of leather offcut scraps, because, why not? And pretty colors! They arrived really fast, and the variety of colors was a lot more than I was expecting.

There’s a nice mix of solids:

And metallics!

So shiny!

I’m already getting ideas for more projects. (like I need more)

It’s super thin too. Here’s a piece compared to some unskived tooling calf. (2-3 oz)

The scrap bag is no longer listed (maybe it will come back later?) but they do sell larger pieces and laces in the same colors. I may have placed another order today… 😶

Anyway. Sorry for a boring post but if you get excited over tack stuff like me maybe it’ll be helpful? Also, I’ve added a new page for tack making supplies at the top of my blog. (or right here) I’m slowly adding links to it but if there’s something specific you’re looking for, feel free to ask!
I’ve also got one set up for the tools I use if you’re interested as well.

8 thoughts on “Kangaroo Scraps

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see where you go with this! Those pictures are too cute.
    And I’m pretty psyched over your supplies and tool pages too. 🙂

  2. Don’t apologize for boring when you’re not bored yourself! Of course tackmaking stuff is exciting. Congrats on finding some inspiring stuff!

  3. I just checked out their website, they have tons of cool stuff! I especially like the color shifting leather.
    Excited to see what projects you have planned for these! 🙂

  4. Wow, that “scrap” looks fantastic! Wish it was in Europe too… (I know they ship worldwide but it is too expensive and costly with our local customs)


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