This has been one of those weeks where I had a bunch of things going on all at once. It’s all good, but I didn’t have much time for hobby stuff.

I’ve started working on the cutback/saddleseat saddle for Hamilton, and so far it’s been slow going. The perfectionist in me wants to make sure everything is correct and looking right.

But I have to remind myself that the only way to achieve that is to make things over and over.

For example, there are about 100 blankets in-between these two.

The best thing to do is just go for it, and figure things out along the way.

Snowbird also arrived this week. I’ll post photos of him closer to Christmas, but I’m excited to have him in hand. This costume was my favorite to work on.

I was also glad to see this unicorn playset available on Breyer’s website:

Breyer had me put together the tack and rose garland for this set a couple years back. And yes, the horn is attached to the bridle, not part of the horse. 😊

My to-do list for this week keeps growing, so I’ll have to leave this here for now. Until next time…

13 thoughts on “Busy

        1. Not currently. I’ll post a notice here on my blog and IG the next time I have something available for sale. 🙂

  1. You do beautiful work! Enjoy your posts! Do you ever give tutorials on how you make the shoulder gussets on your blankets. Making a little blanket for my friends grand daughter and was considering putting in the gussets. Thanks much!! Deb

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    1. Thank you! The gussets are kind of difficult to explain, especially without pictures, but they’re basically a square sewn to a slit cut in the blanket. I add bias tape to the edges and iron everything flat before adding the bias trim around the entire blanket.

  2. The holiday set is SO CUTE!! Does the bridle have straps or is it slide on? Any chance you could make a post about that?

  3. I would love if you could do a printable patterns for an english saddle!!! Also your blankets are stunning i wish i has that talent!!


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