One Piece at a Time

This week was, once again, kind of crazy, so I haven’t made much tack progress. My town got it’s first snow of the season, (more like wet, heavy slop than snow) and it’s caused major power outages and broken trees everywhere. I lost power again today because of high wind gusts.

It’s kind of hard to work on tack in the dark. I did make some progress on my saddle while I had natural light today. The skirts are attached to the seat, yay!

I’ve got the piece for the saddle flaps cut too. (I need to relabel that pattern piece, lol)

Will it work out? Who knows! I’m approaching this saddle differently than previous saddles. I’m tending to build tack one piece at a time or in small sections, rather than work on stuff in batches. Maybe it creates more work in the end but..? I still have a lot to learn with saddle making.

3 thoughts on “One Piece at a Time

  1. YOU GOT THIS! You are the best tack maker in the hobby! It will look absolutely amazing when it’s done! I know it!

  2. Doing small sections will indeed “create more work,” but it’s [it is] the best way to achieve higher quality. It’s also a great way to learn more about tackmaking. Frankly I detest batch work (semi-mass-production); fortunately I have to do only a little of it.


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