Quarter Boots

When looking through my saddleseat reference photos, I noticed that some horses wore boots around their front hooves. I later learned that these are quarter boots from digging around old threads on Model Horse Blab. (sidenote, I can’t access the site anymore, is it gone?)

I wanted to try making a pair for Hamilton and this is what I came up with:

The pair I was referencing were made from white rubber. I knew I could just make them from white leather, but it kept bothering me so I continued to search. I can get… really obsessive about finding the right material. 😄

The answer I came up with? Swimwear elastic.

It’s white, thin, flexible, and can be easily cut.

Once I was happy with the pattern, the boots were really easy to put together. I did slice a hole in each end for the straps to go through, so that’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on. I cut a hole in a test piece and had to use a lot of strength before I could get it to snap, so I’m not too concerned about it.

The best part is that I can slide them on and off.

Hopefully I got it close. It’s hard to find clear photos of these on horses.

3 thoughts on “Quarter Boots

  1. You got it more than close, such a tiny perfect accessory, the strap and buckle are so well done. The colour and texture of the soft white with the colour and texture of the rich brown leather with the glint of metal from buckle is eye candy. It’s great. I don’t know what swimwear elastic is, but it’s perfect. Looking forward to seeing Hamilton in full tack.

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  2. The thrill of finding exactly the right material, no matter what outside field it came from, is one of the great joys of model tackmaking. (I’ve never made boots of any kind, yet, so this is interesting.) Congrats on a winner!


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