Pony Bridle


This weekend I finished a hunter bridle, made to fit the Cantering Welsh Pony.


For a “tack maker” I really don’t make that much tack. πŸ˜… I’m trying to correct this, but progress is slow.

I think I’m getting better at bridles? I’ve started so many English bridles but this is the first I’ve finished in… years.


The laced reins were made following Jennifer’s tutorial on her blog. I used embroidery floss instead as it was all I had on hand.



It’s been months since I’ve made any sort of tack… hopefully I can keep it up.


7 thoughts on “Pony Bridle

  1. You are so good at tack making it would be an amazing day if i could find the perfect leather and make an amazing bridle like this apparently the only tack i’m remotely good at making is blankets, sometimes halters and saddle pads, but i’m still working on making more tack and seeing what i can and can’t make well

  2. So – decorated brow and nosebands are OK in the US for hunter classes (I do know *your hunters* are not the same as our Hunters πŸ™‚ )? Useful to know, as over here – UK – you can’t have ANY kind of decoration on Hunter or Cob bridles (also, nosebands have to be about 3cm wide!). Thanks!

    1. Oh, I’m not sure! I was trying to imitate the stitching on my reference photo. I’ve noticed a lot of hunter bridles have some decorative stitching so I’m assuming it’s ok? I still have so much to learn!

  3. This is beautiful and well made, Nichelle. You put a lot of work into those stitches. Not everybody can do that technique well. (I’m realizing I can’t distinguish between painting and sewing here. If you really sewed it, my jaw drops.) In a lighter color, they can be mistaken for decorative buckstitching. In a darker color, they would be very realistic but harder to see. Stitching color does vary!


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