Tennis Balls and Ladybugs

I’ve been quietly working on several things lately, from blankets to miniatures to a new saddle. I haven’t been sharing much online, but these pieces turned out so cute that I thought I should post them here. They will be included in more dog miniature sets that I’ve got in progress.

The tennis balls were made by covering tiny balls with flocking. I made it by combing out green yarn and cutting it into a fine powder. Pro tip: wear a mask while doing this!

It was very tedious, but I really like how they came out in the end.

The ladybugs were originally more cabochons I was going to include in the sets, but I ended up not liking them once they arrived in the mail. šŸ˜… Soooo I made some myself, out of pieces of felt. I like to imagine that they’re squeaky toys.

I still have a lot more work to do on the sets, but I’m glad these pieces are done!

3 thoughts on “Tennis Balls and Ladybugs

  1. Charming, the both of them. I’m tickled to see confirmed that tedious work gives the best results. Why do certain polyester products have to shed?! We picked up a pool noodle in the lake yesterday and I noticed it was shedding little blue spicules… But I would not’ve had the imagination to make something out of it–!


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