BreyerFest Loot!

A little late, but here is my BreyerFest loot!


I had a Celebration ticket, so I wasn’t able to purchase any of the Special Run models. I was ok with that. Celebration tickets still gave you 3 day access and the free Celebration model, Ballynoe Castle RM or “Reggie.”

Also, shoutout to whoever designed the boxes for the horses this year! I don’t keep Breyer boxes but I will with these two. 💜




The store specials quickly proved to be very difficult to get. I was prepared to be disappointed, but that didn’t stop me from stubbornly trying!

In the end I managed to snag a Benelli, who is gorgeous.





I also managed to get a Mackenzie!


He’s number 395/1000 😊


The swag this year was really good. I am kicking myself for not getting the mug, but I did end up with a pin and one of the grey Benelli shirts.


Off the Breyer site, I purchased a few stickers from hobby artists. These are by Paint Pony Studios, Rogue Horse Studios and Bear Carousel.


Another small purchase was two 3D printed currycombs from Handcrafted by Kari.


I wanted to let myself splurge on something. That unexpectedly ended up being Breyer’s Country Gig:


I like collecting Breyer stuff in addition to the horses, and was really excited to see this for sale. If I’m remembering right, these carts had many issues with breakage and I think weren’t available for very long?


The collector in me was especially excited about all the pieces being included, including the instructions and the NSH cardboard cutout for the harness. 😄


I guess now that everything’s here and unboxed, BreyerFest is officially over. 🙁 But again, I had fun!



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