BreyerFest Loot!

A little late, but here is my BreyerFest loot!


I had a Celebration ticket, so I wasn’t able to purchase any of the Special Run models. I was ok with that. Celebration tickets still gave you 3 day access and the free Celebration model, Ballynoe Castle RM or “Reggie.”

Also, shoutout to whoever designed the boxes for the horses this year! I don’t keep Breyer boxes but I will with these two. πŸ’œ




The store specials quickly proved to be very difficult to get. I was prepared to be disappointed, but that didn’t stop me from stubbornly trying!

In the end I managed to snag a Benelli, who is gorgeous.





I also managed to get a Mackenzie!


He’s number 395/1000 😊


The swag this year was really good. I am kicking myself for not getting the mug, but I did end up with a pin and one of the grey Benelli shirts.


Off the Breyer site, I purchased a few stickers from hobby artists. These are by Paint Pony Studios, Rogue Horse Studios and Bear Carousel.


Another small purchase was two 3D printed currycombs from Handcrafted by Kari.


I wanted to let myself splurge on something. That unexpectedly ended up being Breyer’s Country Gig:


I like collecting Breyer stuff in addition to the horses, and was really excited to see this for sale. If I’m remembering right, these carts had many issues with breakage and I think weren’t available for very long?


The collector in me was especially excited about all the pieces being included, including the instructions and the NSH cardboard cutout for the harness. πŸ˜„


I guess now that everything’s here and unboxed, BreyerFest is officially over. πŸ™ But again, I had fun!



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