April Photo Challenge: 11-20

Here’s the next group of photos from the Shelter and Share Photo Challenge!

11: Horse book you recommend

Anything by Marguerite Henry, but my favorite is San Domingo, the Medicine Hat Stallion.

12: Egg Hunt – what model did you hunt for for the longest time?

My choice was Lavrador, a metallic buckskin on the Legionario mold. I remember wanting him before I got into the hobby but never purchased one until recently. I still love this horse after all these years.

Day 14: Favorite clinky in your herd

I’m not a clinky collector, but I do have this tiny glass horse so I used that for this prompt instead.

Day 15: Spring Cleaning – what did you unearth?

My tack room has become a catch-all for random stuff I don’t have a place for, or am too lazy to put away properly. Here’s a sampling of that.

Day 16: Most Exotic

Not a horse, but here’s a Marwari halter made by Missy Halvas. I’m so happy to own this beautiful piece!

Day 17: Your real horse or horses you have known

I’ve never owned a horse, but I’ve met and ridden many over the years. I went with a trail horse, Gryffindor, for this prompt. Several years ago my sister and I took a trail ride through Jurassic Park, (aka Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii) and it was amazing.

Day 18: Dog Days

I have a bag full of tiny animals and things from my childhood that I can’t get rid of, including a handful of 90’s Pound Puppies. I think half of these belonged to my sister, and I had more cats than dogs. (still have some of those too!)

Day 19: Favorite resin in your herd

I have two, Kitty Cantrell’s Woodbridge painted by Sue Kern and Rayvin Maddock’s Geordie LaFjord painted by Angelica Anzelmo (Nelson)

They’re both my favorite.

Day 20: Toke’n Green Model

I wasn’t sure how to approach this one so I piled all my green stuff together for a photo instead. 😅

This is a mix of stuff I’ve made, Breyer pieces, Rement pieces, Enterprise Props, Jana Skybova and Rachel Fail.

I am missing #13, Social Distance Conga, as I was really sad and out of it on the 13th, and I couldn’t force myself to come up with anything. 😦 At this point I don’t think I’ll have a photo for it, but oh well. On to the next!

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