April Photo Challenge: Days 21-30

April is over, so here are the last of my photos for the Shelter and Share photo challenge. I struggled with a lot of these but I still managed to take a photo every day!

Day 21: Let’s get wild! Animals

I’ve had this Pronghorn antelope for years, but he’s never shown up in my photos. I really like the Breyer animals, I just wish they were in scale with the horses. This guy is about the size of a Traditional horse if you’re curious.

Day 22: Other hobbies – what are you up to?

I play piano, but not very well because I’ve been slacking with practicing. 😅

Day 23: Netflix and chill

Day 24: Horse of a different color

This horse was painted for me as part of a custom Stablemate swap. I have a couple more from swaps like these… they were fun!

Day 25: Spring Scene

Decided to go with spring cleaning for this prompt, which includes dusting the ponies! A few weeks ago I completely rearranged my shelves, with the goal of trying to display my collection instead of cram everything in like usual. It was also a downsizing attempt, and whatever couldn’t fit back on the shelf had to go.

This could become a post in itself so I’ll just leave it at that for now. 😬

Day 26: Quarantine quandary – what else do you collect?

I really love cute coffee mugs, and while I don’t “collect” them I have a bunch of them. They are hard to resist!

Day 27: Favorite plastic model in your herd

The majority of my collection is plastic and I can’t choose a favorite! However, if I HAD to choose one, it would probably be Honey, who was a special run made for Model Horse Blab. I have mixed feelings about the forum nowadays, but I have lots of good memories of the time I used to spend on the site. Before social media took off, and before I got into blogging, Blab was my connection to the hobby.

Sooo Honey has a sort of sentimental meaning for me and it’s a weird one but hey.

Day 28: Pasture Pals

Summer is coming.

Day 29: Best Find

Not exactly a find, but I was in the right place at the right time to pick up these two. This is the reissued warehouse find Breyer released on their site several years ago. I was so happy to finally add them to my collection!

Day 30: Herd Hoard

The current micro herd… most of these are by Maggie, but I have a couple by Morgen Kilbourn in there too. 🙂

This was was really fun challenge to participate in! 🙂

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