More Dog Collars

Several weeks ago I came across miniature plastic buckles on eBay. These are designed for 1:6 scale military/action figures, but I figured they miiiiight work in 1:9, so I ordered a few sets.

The larger, which is 5mm, best fits 1/4 inch ribbon or lace (but it’s a tight fit) while the small 3mm buckle fits 1/8. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the 5mm buckles as they’re a bit too large for my liking… but you never know! I’m SO excited about the 3mm though. My first thought was adding them to saddlebags.

The second was dog collars, so I put together three of them today. One in purple…

One in blue…

And hot pink.

They actually work!

I’d like to get a heavier wire to use for the second buckle and keeper, but this works for now.

11 thoughts on “More Dog Collars

  1. Hello,
    I was hoping you can give me a hand on how you make your rugs. I’ve got an order coming from rio rondo of T-buckels but I dont know where to start. I was hoping that you could post a tutorial on how you do it. And it would be great if you post a pdf file of you paper template? (If your willing to share your secrets to success!) It would be great if you could, I would love to be able to make my own.
    By the way I think your dog collars look great!!
    Thanks, be amazing if you’re willing to help.

    1. Hi Lucy,
      I won’t be sharing my patterns here but I can try answering any specific questions you might have. I also have a few sewing-related blog posts you can check out under my ‘Tutorials’ tab above. šŸ™‚
      Blankets took A LOT of trial and error before I started getting comfortable with making them. One way to make patterns is to start with a piece of felt, cutting away pieces and transferring that shape to paper. I like felt because it’s cheap, doesn’t fray, and can be stretched, but any scrap fabric would work. (even a paper towel would work… you just want to use something more flexible than paper to start with)
      I use bias tape to finish the edges. I make this myself but it can also be purchased at a fabric store.
      To fit the blanket to the horse’s body, I add a seam along the back (following the back’s curve) and darts at the hip.
      Like I said it really is just a lot of trial and error, and loads of practice! Good luck!


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