For Sale: Blue Turnout Blanket

I’ve been working on and off on this blanket for the last month.

This weekend I finally managed to finish it.

This one is mostly based off of SmartPak Equine’s “Ultimate” turnout blanket. I was eager to try making the quick-clip closures in front. I’ve seen them on many real turnout blankets, and wanted to re-create them in miniature.

Success! The hooks clip on to the rings in front, making the blanket fairly easy to put on. (I usually buckle up everything then slip the blanket over the horse’s head… it’s a lot easier that way!) Like the real thing, they are also adjustable for a slightly tighter or looser fit.

This blanket has the usual details as well… tongue buckles, shoulder gussets, removable leg straps…

I’m really happy with how it came together.

The blanket is for sale, and the auction can be found here on Model Horse Place.

6 thoughts on “For Sale: Blue Turnout Blanket

  1. hi Nichelle,
    I was wondering how you make the shoulder pleats? I work in schilch (1:24) scale and was wondering if you could share some tip as I am very keen to try and make them in my scale

    1. Basically I cut a slit in the shoulder, then add bias binding to the edges with a smaller square sewn in between the layers. It’s tricky and difficult to explain, I’m sorry!
      I’m not sure how well it would translate to 1:24 scale as the size is so different. It might be better to create a faux gusset by cutting a triangle shape from the shoulder, then sewing or gluing a small piece behind it.


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