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I’ve found that there are a lot of miniature artists on YouTube who regularly post DIY videos on their channels. Here’s a list of some of my favorites! I’ve probably mentioned a few on my blog before, but I’ve included them anyway. 🙂

If you have any interest in mini-making, do check them out!


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Here’s another tutorial I came across online – mini bales! Of course you can buy pre-made bales but what’s the fun in that? Besides, most of the ones I’ve seen for sale have been either too big or too small. I wanted something in between.

Instead of a milk carton, I used pieces from that Breyer box I still haven’t thrown out. (there’s not much left to throw out now, ha!) These were folded up, taped together and stuffed with pieces of scrap paper to give them a little more weight.


Then they were covered with a few layers of tissue paper.

HayBale_02For the straw, I cut some raffia that I’ve had on hand for ages. I ended up splitting the long strands individually before cutting them in tiny pieces. Not one of my better ideas but it looks ok. My fingers do not agree.


It was a huge mess to make though.


Even with extra gluing and trimming these things still shed like crazy. Also, I would have used colored tissue paper or painted the paper before covering, to disguise the white box a little better.


But overall I’m pleased. They’ll be fun props to use in photos. 😀



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Playing With Water

Sometimes it’s good to just… play. Or break out the glue gun, which for me, is kind of the same thing.


Not too long ago I stumbled across a crafter and mom who frequently posts how-to videos on youtube. Yes, they are geared towards a younger audience and are mostly about dolls, (where was she when I was ten years old?!?) but many of her ideas are brilliant. Well, if you like making things out of cardboard and recycled stuff anyway. 😉

One of those was a water trough. I had to try it, just for the fun of it.



The “water” is a removable piece of plastic (I used a breyer box I haven’t gotten around to tossing yet…) covered in a layer of mod podge.


It dries transparent, giving the effect of water without actually using… water.


My water isn’t perfect and I did have some trouble getting it to fit in the trough, but that’s due to my own laziness really. I ended up making a couple more pieces…




… and a smaller piece to fit in a medicine cup bucket I made ages ago:



Plastic horses drink plastic water, yes? I’m sorry I know I’m weird.

WaterTrough10But like I said, sometimes it’s good to just do something for fun and fun alone! 🙂

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