Sunday Sewing – Baby Blankets

I’ve been sewing even more blankets lately, but in a much smaller size:

This one was made to fit the Andalusian foal mold.

It also fits the Gilen/Heartbreaker mold as well. These were fairly easy for me to make, so I came up with a couple more colors, both of which can be found in my Etsy shop.

The newborn one was supposed to be an expandable type of foal blanket. It didn’t quite turn out that way but I still like how it came out.


It also fits Le Fire, but it’s a bit loose in places.

Foal blankets are fun and a nice break from the larger, more complicated ones. The hardest part is choosing which color to make them in! XD

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing – Baby Blankets

  1. OMG!! These blankets are adorable! You are so talented😘 and you make amazing stuff….. could you post a new tutorial? They are amazing and they turn out great every time😘❤️Loooooooove you!!!!!


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