Reflective Tack

One of the best things about NMTM is that it left me feeling motivated to make more tack, whether that’s stuff I’ve got in the works or projects I’ve been thinking about, but never made the time for. I haven’t made a ton of progress, but I did sit down last weekend and put together some reflective/high visibility tack pieces. I’ve had this stuff stashed away for ages and have been eager to put it to some use!

I realllly appreciate people who wear reflective clothing during low-light hours. I drive to work before dawn every day and come across a lot of early-morning joggers. While they’re not likely to dash out in front of me just knowing where they are is helpful.
Reflective gear on horses seems to be more common in Europe than the US, but I wanted to try making some in miniature anyway.

The halters were made with a couple of new techniques.

I’m especially pleased with the tiny “grommets” on the crown piece:

The breastcollars were an experiment which, unfortunately, look better off the horses than on them.

This is mostly because I over-estimated strap lengths and had a heck of a time adjusting them to my saddles and horses. (my saddles make me crazy – I’m so tempted to tear them apart and re-do some pieces!)

What I need to fix was easier to see once it was on the horse, which is good! Little things to keep in mind in case I decide to make some more.

Here’s an English style breastcollar:

Also, I can’t stand this leather lace! But test pieces use the not-so-good materials first, so…

And the western one:

The reflective strips are real, just a pain to photograph! I did manage to get a couple “glowy” ones though.

Silly in a way, but fun. 😛 I want to try making boots and quarter sheets someday soon, because why not??

10 thoughts on “Reflective Tack

  1. The grommets…how did you wrangle those? I made saddle bags following a tutorial for full sized (real horse) saddle bags and the tackmaker used grommets on them. I have no idea what to use but here you have them!

  2. The grommets are incredible! I love the glow-in-the-dark pictures, they look really effective. You also have a small typo: “I realllly appreciate people who wear…” 😀

  3. So cool! 😀 I kind of wish that I was that talented… I personally think that it would look great in yellow, but that is just my thought. What did you use for the reflector pieces? Maybe I could make some in Schliech scale; if that would be okay with you! 😀

  4. awesome! I’m hoping to make stuff like you do 🙂 someday…
    (I LOVE the reflectingnessof it! What did you use? Like, to make it reflect?
    I hope you don’t mind me asking all these questions! If you don’t like it, I can stop…

    1. It’s reflective tape – this stuff I got off Etsy but I’ve also seen it with the sewing supplies at fabric stores. 🙂

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