Christmas Miniatures

My Christmas-related miniature collection keeps expanding.

Today, I put together a set of gift bags…


…and Christmas cards. I was going to put them on a string to make a garland but I have no place to put them. (YET.)


I also picked up a few things at Michael’s last weekend, as they usually have a bunch of miniatures out this time of year. I found a little tin of candy, which is perfect for the 1:9 scale world:


And this glittery top hat…


…because I collect mini hats now too, apparently. >_<


Another find was a cheap plastic nativity set.


The poor sheep didn’t have any faces!


After some re-sculpting and a bit of white paint, they’re looking a bit better:


I have ideas for more minis now too. Off to fire up Photoshop!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Miniatures

  1. I agree… wonderful dollhouse items & any chance for printables? I could use these in my stable & produce stand


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