Crystal and Crispin

For the past few years now, Breyer has released a web-exclusive mare and foal set for the holidays. Previous years included the TB mare and nursing foal as well as the running mare and foal, which makes me curious if we will see other sets in the future.

This year’s set is on the grazing mare and foal, both of which I have been waiting to see released in new colors.


This was uh, a part retail therapy buy, (did I mention November’s been a bad month??) BUT, I am happy with them and have a feeling they’ll be showing up in lots of pictures later on.


The blankets they came with are cute too, with a single strap and a snowflake printed pattern.


The snowflakes have tiny horse heads inside them ^_^
The snowflakes have tiny horse heads inside them ^_^

The mare’s is cut very deeply to fit around her chest, so it doesn’t fit other models quite as well. Both blankets are sewn together in the front, but I might take those stitches out and add another strap. I haven’t decided yet. I’ve already taken the Breyer tag off like I’ve done with all my Breyer blankets… I kind of wish they would stick that on the inside but oh well! 🙂


Here’s the mare without her blanket:




And the foal:




I really love mare and foal sets so they’re a welcome addition to the herd. ❤


3 thoughts on “Crystal and Crispin

  1. Lovely coloring. I painted a really wild overo pattern on my grazing mare and grazing foal. They are the only ones I own on those models and I just love them. Never cared for the nursing foal. Hartland had a lovely grazing mare as well, who is very graceful.


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