Pharoah’s Blanket, V.2

Oh my word it’s nearly December already! My town is already decked out for Christmas and I’ve been playing Christmas music for uh… a few weeks now. (at the speed time goes by, I say enjoy it while you can!)

November’s flown by, and good riddance, I think. It’s been a bad month BUT, thankfully, has had some bright spots.

Several weeks back I was contacted by Zayat Stables to make a second Triple Crown blanket for their display model of American Pharoah. I still get all excited just thinking about it!

Rags to Riches is pretending to be Pharoah, since I’ve yet to get my hands on one 😀

It’s nearly identical to the first version, but with slightly different colors and a better fit to the Ruffian mold.



A picture of it was shared on American Pharoah’s Facebook page, which still makes me all giddy and happy, haha. I didn’t realize that their model was the Classic sized horse so the blanket is a bit too big, but they still made it work and were pleased with it so that’s good!


I am so, so grateful. ❤

Because I’ve had several inquiries about it, at the moment, no, I’m not making them for sale because of potential copyright issues. However if this should change in the future I will be posting an update here on the blog. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pharoah’s Blanket, V.2

  1. it looks great just checked his facebook and people were like: i want this blanket and like asking where they could get it you are a very amazing and talented artist!!!!

  2. Awesome jab, and a super awesome experience! When you make the images, do you put them all together and lay it out in one photoshop document, or do you print them all out separately?


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