One of my goals is to make a halter for every horse in the herd. Since I received a sheet of fabric halter plates (another secret santa gift) I figured it was time to start working on accomplishing this. In the end, Roxy…




and Zenyatta each got a pretty new halter, decked out with the plates and etched hardware.


In Roxy and Honey’s case, I had a go at making working tongue buckles:


Surprisingly they’re not difficult to use, and all seems to be well so far. I think I’ll keep playing around with it. I’d like to make some gaming tack or halter/bridle combos for trails and such.

Also, I’ve been continuing to work on English pads.


Each one gets a little better, which is encouraging! It’s nice to see progress.


As always they still need more work, as my stitching isn’t quite as straight as I would like it to be. But I’m much happier with the shape and size now. 🙂

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