Old Stablemate Tack

While attempting to organize some of my boxes of miniatures, I came across a bunch of old SM tack I made years ago. Aside from my customs, my remaining SM herd is all boxed up, so I thought it would be fun to get them out and play dress up. 🙂

When I first started collecting, I would go through the Breyer box catalogs and attempt to re-create the tack and props I saw pictured for my Stablemates. At the time being able to afford a traditional scale Breyer and all the accessories to go with it was pretty much a dream, so it only made sense to try and make it all myself. This was before I discovered the hobby existed online… once that happened I was completely hooked. 😛

Up first, a lovely show cooler, probably based off of this one. I didn’t have any plaid or even solid colored fabric so I had to settle with the flowers. I think I may have some more stashed away somewhere…



This is supposedly a bosal bridle, made from embroidery floss and a big old plastic bead.


Here’s a simple felt bareback pad…



And an English saddle, also made from felt and complete with paperclip stirrups!



I also made tons of little props. I can remember a grooming box with micro-sized brushes, ground poles, multiple jumps, and a cavaletti set off the top of my head. Sadly, all that’s left now is a couple of feed bags:


Several years later I tried making SM tack again, armed with a little more knowledge this time.

Here’s a second bareback pad, also made from felt but stitched together.



I attempted to make another English saddle:



As well as a western one. It used to have a horn and a girth…


I also started an Arabian costume, but never finished it.



In 2008-ish I made a harness:


I didn’t want to even attempt to put this back together, so here’s a picture of it I dug up from an old post:


It’s fun to revisit these old pieces, and even though part of me is tempted to try making more mini tack, I think I’ll stick with the larger stuff for now. XD

5 thoughts on “Old Stablemate Tack

  1. It’s always fun to go back and look at firsts, isn’t it? Your 2nd attempt at an English saddle is really good, although I think it’s a bit too small for the model you put it on.

    Keep up the good work.


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