Small Things

I went on another saddle pad making spree. Walmart carries quarters of fabric for less than $1 each. Last I checked they had a bunch with small prints… perfect for saddle pads.SaddlePads3This one’s growing on me:

But I think the Zebra print is my favorite!
SaddlePad_ZebraIn addition to pads, I went on a lead-rope making spree…
LeadRopes_Solid… and made a bunch of halters, as per usual. 😉

Some other small things came in the form of string cinches:
WhiteCinch_MegWalkerand rubber bell boots:
BellBoots_JanaSkybovamade by Meg Walker and Jana Skybova. They’re the first pieces in my collection by other tack makers and I’m super pleased with both!

The boots are modeled by a new herd member, Cedric, who really isn’t small but wants to be in this post anyway:
CedricHe needs a saddle set and a green flybonnet to go with his new boots. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Small Things

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure if all Walmarts carry them, but it’s always worth a look. 😉 I like to keep an eye on the remnant bins at Joann’s too… they usually have nice stuff for low prices.

    1. Thanks! They’re made by twisting the floss together. I’ve used a four strand braid for lead ropes too, but they take a bit longer to make. 🙂

      1. Right… is there a special way to twist it, or an instruction page or something? Because I’ve tried the four-strand braid, and got hopelessly tangled in embroidery floss.. XD When I try to twist it, all the colours get mixed up, whereas in yours there’s the lovely striped effect!

        1. What I do is take two strands (one of each color) and fold them in half through a jump ring. I’ll separate the colors so I have one bunch in each hand, then twist each bunch to the right. Keeping those twists tight, I’ll then twist the two of them together, but in the opposite direction. The result is a nice twist that won’t come undone.
          Does that make sense? It’s simple to do but very hard to explain!

          1. Ooh, ok, I’ll have to try that! It makes sense to me, thanks so much for the tip! 🙂 I had never seen miniature lead ropes like yours with the realistic colour spiral, so I was pretty intrigued to find out how they were made!

  1. All your tips and instructions help me to be a greatly assisted begginer!

    Thank you, Nichelle!

    GOD Bless you!!


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